Student: Jesper Peterse

Mathematics department TU Delft

4 month internship


In the past years, it has become increasingly clear that a huge amount of plastic end up in the ocean. Since part of the plastic waste is bouyant, it can accumulate in regions where the ocean currents converge. Several researchers how now reported visual confirmation of this "plastic soup" in these gyres. Over time the large pieces of plastic disintegrate under the influence of sun-light and waves. Smaller particles can be mistaken for food by animals, creating a growing concern for the ecological impact.

Within this project we aim to set-up an initlal model that can represent the transport of plastic on a global scale. We try to focus on the most important aspects for this application and will not try to recreate a global general ocean circulation model. Instead, we will use an existing global ocean model from MyOcean to force the density in the model and keep the hydrodynamics comparatively simple.