The next opportunity to follow a course on OpenDA is at the Delft Software Days. This OpenDA course will be in English and cover the basics of OpenDA in 1 day. We are considering to link it this year to the release of the new Delft3D-FM model. Recently, the connection between OpenDA and Delft3D-FM has been updated and now includes all teh basic functionality for parameter calibration and Kalman filtering. Please, let us know your opinion in this at linkedin.

We have just completed the OpenDA contribution to the data-assimilation summerschool in Brasov Rumania.  Every two years Remus Hanea from Statoil organizes this excellent summerschool attracting contributions from numerous researchers. There were about 30 very enthousiastic students with various backgrounds. The purpose of the OpenDA contribution was to provide hands-on exercises wotking with data-assimilation on their own laptops. More about the summer-school can be found here.

Finally, the new OpenDA release is available on sourceforge. Many improvements have been included. The new 2.2 version can be downloaded here

On November 24,25 in Oslo, is already the final meeting of the MyWave research project. The aim of MyWave is to provide the tools for a future European wave service, similar and in addiion to the MyOcean services. More information about MyWave is available on the MyWave. Our role at Deltares in the project is to develop data-assimilation for the SWAN model and to study the impact of high-resolution wind-forcing together with KNMI.