The magnitude of storm-surges varies much for different areas on our planet. In addition, the critical levels depend on the type of coast and the slope of the land near the coast. This makes the absolute surge level of little practical value when studying the impact of storm-surges. The return-period or percentiles provide more insight and relate more directly to the impacts.In this project the aim is to extend a previously developed global Delft3D tide model with wind-forcing. This feature is already implemented in Delft3D, so this is not a programming exercise, though minor changes may be required. With input of the wind and pressure from ERA-40 and/or ERA-interim a consistent set of storm-surges over several decades can be obtained from which the return periods can be computed. Subsequently individual events can be rated on this scale.This project requires Msc level experience in hydrodynamic modeling and experience (or much affinity) with Matlab for post-processing.